Accessible Trading with Core Spreads

Core Spreads offers access, via the easy to use CoreTrader platform to all the major Indices, giving you the opportunity to take speculative positions in the USA, UK, Europe and the Far East.

Indices can be volatile, moving quickly when economic announcements are made, when governments announce changes to their fiscal policies or when key stocks within the index report on their earnings. As with all types of trading, it's important to recognise and respect this volatility and to familiarise with, and make full use of, our comprehensive risk management tools.

Whether you are of the view that the rise in US stocks is soon to end, that the Trump push towards business-friendly policy change will continue to push the US markets higher or that Brexit will impact valuations in the UK, you can always back your opinions with Core Spreads. A minimum trade size of just $1 per point move in the market means we provide easy access to some of the most exciting and actively traded indices in the world.  

Name Bid Offer Spread*
France 40 Cash 0 0 0.8pts
UK100 Cash 0 0 0.8pts
Wall Street 30 Cash 0 0 1pt
Euro Stocks 50 Cash 0 0 1pt
Australia 200 Cash 0 0 1pt
US Tech 100 Cash 0 0 1pt
Germany 30 Cash 0 0 2pts
US 500 Cash 0 0 3pts
Spain 35 Cash 0 0 4pts
Hong Kong 50 Cash 0 0 8pts
Japan 225 Cash 0 0 8 pts
Prices are subject to our website terms and conditions. Prices shown are only available on the CoreTrader platform and are delayed by 15 minutes and indicative. For all equities, we add a fixed % spread to the underlying market and spreads shown above are per leg. *(In hours)

Core Spreads

Core Spreads is trading as it should be. Tight fixed spreads and razor sharp execution on thousands of markets.