What's your view on Gold, Silver, and Oil?

Core Spreads is pleased to offer clients the opportunity to trade on Gold, Silver, Brent Crude, and West Texas Oil. These are some of the most actively traded, and often volatile, commodities in the world. They are often seen as a barometer of the relative strengths and weaknesses of major economies and are frequently used by retail and professional traders for speculation and hedging purposes. 

Our commodity markets, as with all our most popular markets, provide clients of Core Spreads with low-cost trading from Monday morning through to the close of the US markets in the early hours of Saturday morning in Australia. 

Name Bid Offer Spread*
Copper 0 0 10pts
Nickel 0 0 30pts
Zinc 0 0 3.80pts
Brent/US Crude Diff 0 0 3pts
Silver Spot 0 0 3pts
Brent Crude 0 0 3pts
US Light Crude 0 0 3pts
Gold / Silver Rolling Spot Diff 0 0 4pts
Gold Spot 0 0 4pts
Lead 0 0 6pts
Aluminium 0 0 6pts
Prices are subject to our website terms and conditions. Prices shown are only available on the CoreTrader platform and are delayed by 15 minutes and indicative. For all equities, we add a fixed % spread to the underlying market and spreads shown above are per leg. *(In hours)

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