At Core Spreads we've taken financial trading and refined it to everything you need and nothing you don't. The essentials done superbly along with industry leading low cost trading, helping you to maximise your spread trading returns.

Industry Leading Low Cost Trading

Lower costs with a trusted, ASIC regulated provider 


We've removed the distractions and complicated trading tools and refined our product so that your costs to trade are lower.


Lower costs to trade matter. Reducing your costs to trade can improve the returns you could make. This is how trading should be, this is why Core Spreads should be your trading provider. 


Name Bid Offer Spread*
Apple 0 0 2 cents
UK100 Cash 0 0 0.8pts
Germany 30 Cash 0 0 1pt
Wall Street 30 Cash 0 0 1pt
EUR-USD Spot 0 0 0.6pts
GBP-USD Spot 0 0 0.8pts
Gold Spot 0 0 3pt
US Tech 100 Cash 0 0 1pt

Prices are subject to our website terms and conditions. Prices shown are only available on the CoreTrader platform and are delayed by 15 minutes and indicative. For all equities, we add a fixed % spread to the underlying market and spreads shown above are per leg. *(In hours)

Apply for an account with Core Spreads today and quickly gain access to the world markets, all traded from our Core Trader platform.

Welcome & Loyalty Bonus

Earn cashback as you trade

Welcome Bonus - 50% off your 1st month's trading costs

Loyalty Rewarded - Earn As You Trade

Open a Core Spreads account and earn back 50% of the dealing costs you pay as a Welcome Bonus*.


After a month of trading with Core Spreads, you can claim your Bonus simply by emailing or calling our customer support team.

We’ll then put 50% of the total dealing costs you have paid in your first month back into your trading account. The Welcome Bonus is capped at AUD $5,000. By way of example, if you place trades with dealing costs, also known as the spread, totaling $5,000 in the first month, the Welcome Bonus would be $2,500 (50% of $5,000).

Unlike some of our competitors, the Bonus we pay you is yours to use as you wish, you can trade with it or withdraw it, it’s completely your call.

* The Welcome Bonus applies to all Index, Forex, Commodity and equity markets Core Spreads offers on its CoreTrader platform (however, underlying equity market spreads are excluded from the spread calculation).


Open a Core Spreads account and earn points every time you trade with us. 


The Core Loyalty Bonus Scheme rewards our clients that help us grow. It is a simple cash bonus paid monthly and we believe it’s the best, most transparent, loyalty scheme in the industry. The monthly Bonus you receive is yours to trade with or to withdraw, no complicated release terms and conditions at Core Spreads. 

When you trade, you generate Core Points. 

The higher your Core Points balance the greater the rebate level. Your rebate level can get as high as 25% of the spread you pay during the month.

Enrolment is automatic and it works seamlessly in the background so your trading will not be interrupted. 

Dynamic Platforms

CoreTrader2 & MetaTrader4 

At Core Spreads, we know there isn’t just one type of trader, so we offer more than one type of platform

Enjoy some of the lowest, fixed spreads in the market with our very own CT2 platform.


Our very own web- and app-based platform has been developed with you in mind. We’ve taken out all the unnecessary clutter, to leave you with a crisp, clean trading experience and access to thousands of markets.

An ever-popular tool for traders worldwide, the MT4 platform gives you access to multiple markets.


Used by traders around the world, this industry-tested platform delivers a cutting-edge trading experience. Here you can seamlessly trade in CFDs across some of the most traded markets in the world.

Secure, Trusted & Regulated Provider

Core Spreads is regulated by the Australian Securities and Investments Commission (ASIC).

By default we classify all clients as Retail Clients; the classification that affords our clients the highest level of security and protection.

We hold your money in ring-fenced, segregated bank accounts at Westpac. These accounts are separate from Core Spreads' money and will never be used for a purpose not directly related to your account with us.

Core Spreads

Core Spreads is trading as it should be. Tight fixed spreads and razor sharp execution on thousands of markets.